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Starting Out

1. Click tournaments (left navigation).

2. Join or create a tournament.

3. Choose your country and create your roster. Note that breaking rating barriers puts a player on another level. The difference between an 80-rated player and a 79-rated player is greater than the difference between a 79-rated player and a 78-rated player. Also, enforcers are more prone to dropping the gloves and winning fights. Winning fights give your team momentum during gameplay.

4. Click "Team Settings" (left navigation) to set ice-time for each line, strategies, and special units (PP/PK). Turns = Rounds = Minutes (There are 3 periods in a game and 20 rounds per period).

5. Once your tournament fills (12 teams join), be sure to logon and play your games!

6. Games can be played manually (round by round) or automatically (QuickSim). Games not played by 11 PM server time will automatically be simulated for you. There is also the option to have games automatically simulated for you at 2 AM server time via "Account Settings" (left navigation).
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