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Technical Support

Cache Errors (The Most Common Problem)
If your browser is not checking for a newer version of a webpage every time you make a visit, your browser may display old information. For example, a player may appear to be fatigued when you go to the drills page, when in fact they are not.

To solve this problem, make sure your browser is checking for a newer version of a webpage upon every visit. You can do this in IE9 by going Tools (Alt+X) >> Internet Options >> Settings >> Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every time I visit the webpage >> OK.

Recommended Browser: Internet Explorer 9

Screen Settings
The game looks best on screen resolutions greater than 1024x768. To get the right navigation bar to appear on every page, go to "Settings" (Right navigation) and change the screen resolution to "Higher than 1024x768."

Contact Email: admin@metroho.com

If you have any questions or found a bug, you are encouraged to post about it in the forums.
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